fluoride vs. fluoride free toothpaste – a brusher’s right to choose



we get it: adulting can be hard, and this whole fluoride debate thing isn’t helping. so, we’ve assembled the research to help you decide which tube to call your main squeeze. if you’re feeling swishy-washy, your dentist is always a great person to check in with. we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves though. first, let’s start with the basics.

what exactly is fluoride?

ok, let’s brush up: fluoride is a mineral that’s proven to be effective in preventing tooth decay and the development of cavities. it’s found naturally in some foods and some fresh water sources like lakes and rivers. even some ocean water contains fluoride (yeah, even fluoride loves the beach). because fluoride has been shown to be so effective at fighting cavities, some local areas add fluoride to their water supply. check with your local area to find out more.

is fluoride in toothpaste good or bad?

ask your dentist, mum, or 7-year-old niece and they’ll tell you that preventing cavities is one of the primary reasons to maintain good dental hygiene. and when it comes to cavity prevention, fluoride is beneficial in two ways. the first benefit is enamel remineralization, which means that when fluoride is absorbed by the enamel on your teeth, it attracts minerals to your teeth as well, helping to keep them hard. tooth enamel is made up of hydroxyapatite, and the second way fluoride helps out is by converting some of the hydroxyapatite to fluorapatite, which is much more acid resistant and protects against cavities.

public health england says “the major dental conditions of caries and periodontal disease can both be reduced by regular toothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste. to control caries it is the fluoride in toothpaste which is the important element of toothbrushing, as fluoride serves to prevent, control and arrest caries. higher concentration of fluoride in toothpaste leads to better caries control” so yeah, fluoride is kind of a big deal. (here’s the link to the nhs website to learn more).

why use fluoride free toothpaste if you’re an adult?

some people choose to go fluoride free as grown-ups. this is typically due to concerns over the volume of fluoride they are already exposed to. as we mentioned, some municipal water supplies are treated with fluoride, and some feel that the quantities of the mineral they get from their water are enough for them. however, fluoride is a mineral that’s proven to be effective in preventing tooth decay and cavities. it’s safe and effective, which is why we have it in nearly all of our hello toothpastes.

at hello, we also respect a brusher’s right to choose. so if fluoride is your bag, we’re down with that, but if you want to go fluoride free, we offer that option too. and if you’re unsure, your dentist is always a great person to check in with. whatever your choice, choose friendly and brush happy.

our tube cents

we weren’t kidding when we said we believe in a brushers right to choose. that’s why we offer our toothpastes in fluoride and fluoride free varieties. if you’d like a personalised assessment of what’s right for you, we’d recommend that you chat with your dentist or paediatrician.

a brusher's right to choose