hello charcoal toothbrush and toothpaste

dental health & effectiveness.

  • do hello products control tartar?

    yes, our toothpastes help to brush away plaque, so that it does not form into unfriendly tartar. Just remember to brush regularly with your favourite hello toothpaste!

  • do hello products help with sensitivity?

    our current hello products are not designed for sensitivity relief, but never say never :) follow us @helloproducts_uk on Instagram to for new product news.

  • do hello products protect enamel?

    yes, when used as directed and intended, brushing with all hello® fluoride toothpastes can help protect enamel. hello fluoride toothpastes and hello fluoride free toothpastes gently remove tooth stains without damaging enamel.

  • do hello products prevent cavities?

    yes, any of the hello® toothpastes containing Fluoride, a clinically proven anticavity ingredient, helps prevent cavities. all hello fluoride toothpastes contain the recommended Fluoride levels recommended by Public Health England.

  • do hello products freshen breath?

    yes, at hello® we think it’s friendly to be fresh. we've made our toothpastes both delightful for your taste buds and your breath, helping you and everyone around you enjoy a breath of fresh air.

  • do hello products remove plaque?

    yes, brushing with all hello® toothpastes as directed and intended can help with the physical removal of plaque.

  • how do hello products whiten teeth without peroxide?

    hello® toothpastes contain thoughtful ingredients like hydrated silica and calcium carbonate that help to whiten by polishing teeth and gently remove surface stains.

  • do hello products whiten teeth?

    yes, hello toothpastes have hydrated silica which helps gently whiten your teeth by removing surface stains. our products also don't contain peroxide.

  • do hello products protect against gingivitis?

    our hello products are not currently designed to protect against gingivitis, but we're constantly innovating so check out our website or follow us on Instagram @helloproducts_uk for new products and benefits.

    plus, brushing with all hello toothpastes as directed and intended can help with the physical removal of plaque, a precursor to gingivitis.